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My Story

Hi!, I'm Nick Corre and I’ve been a professional photographer for the last 7 years, but this photo here is the moment I realised I loved wedding photography.  

I was just supposed to be a guest at this wedding. I had brought my camera to snap some pictures of my girlfriends family (her sister Hannah is the beautiful bride here) getting the venue ready the day before!

Unfortunately, on the day of the wedding it rained….all day and although the wedding was still absolutely stunning, there were shots that the bride had dreamt of that were no longer possible.

The morning after the wedding it was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky.
At 7am I got a knock on my door....
"Nick, if we got dressed up again, would you come outside with us?"  Of course the answer was yes!  

The sunlight that morning was beautiful and led to some incredible images. The pure joy on their faces seeing the pictures they’d dreamed of having but thought had disappeared, was something that will never leave me.

I try and bring this same level of 'above and beyond' to all my couples.
You only get one of these magical days and I want to help you create memories to last a lifetime!
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